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So, You Come Here Often? by Krissi2197

for your first anthro its pretty good OuO

places you can work on:

the neck looks a little too thick. i think its because of the fur. i usually do not draw fur on the neck so that it looks a little more slim.

you cant really tell the transition from the shoulder to the collar bones/ neck. perhaps define that a little more.

the stomach seems to come out a little too much. (dont take this rudely) but i believe the stomach only comes out if there is a good about of body fat / mass OuO' hopefully that makes sense??

Legs and feet:
the legs from the knee down have a sort of awkward shape to them?? there should be some part of the foot that signals that there is a heel there.

and finally the spine:
there should be a little more of a curve to the spine to show there is somewhat of an arch. beside that there should be a small arch in the back.

ill show you what i mean if you will allow me to do a redline \o/
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Krissi2197 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for this! Of course you can do a redline. c:

The stomach is supposed to be like that by the way. ;w; I'm a chubby person so I tried to give her my little chubby trait. I don't want her to be super skinny since she represents me. So the stomach was on purpose. I made her skinny originally but I didn't like it so I just made her fat like me WOO
x-AL3X Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ill do a redline when i can \(OuO)/
although i might accidentally make her skinnier cause well
; v ; ive only practiced making skinnier bodies
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